Friday, April 25, 2014

Ok, so I disappeared for a bit...

Sorry about that. The med that Dr. Fraser put me on - Ativan - worked SOOOO well at first at controlling the vertigo that I didn't have time for the computer. I had stuff to DO! And then it stopped working as well, and that kind of threw me into a depression. And then I got sick. So. Yeah. That's where I was n stuff.

The MRA of my head and neck came back normal. I've had the neuropsych testing. That was a long day. Seven hours (or so) of doing math, vocabulary, sorting, making shapes out of blocks, remembering stories, remembering lists, etc, etc, etc.. And then taking a 175 question survey about my mood and other things like that. All kinds of fun. That took a lot of spoons. I mean a LOT of spoons. I've done nothing, basically, since the test, and that was on Tuesday.

So I need to get ahold of Dr. F's nurse, and ask her if I can increase the dosage of Ativan. I felt so goooood while I was on it that first week...and still ok into the second and third week. Now, however, I just don't feel the benefit. To be fair, it might be because I'm sick. I have had a stuffy ear (ear infection, maybe? without pain? in and of itself can cause vertigo!), a cough, and congestion, and then last night I had a very, very yucky tummy. So maybe it's not that the stuff isn't working, it's just that I've been too unwell for it to work. Guess we'll see.

Being sick seems to make the POTS symptoms worse, too, of course. And everything takes more spoons than usual. I've been tachy for days... hr running in the 130s while I'm doing nothing. Yay. Always fun when it feels like your insides are vibrating.

My wife has been sick, too, but she's out of sick days at work, so she's still working hard and then coming home exhausted and feeling like crap. The kiddo is sick, too. It's a fun household right now. Really. Anyway, all of this has culminated in a disastrous house. I need to get to feeling better so I can work on it.  I finally begged the kid to load the dishwasher and run it because nearly every dish in the house was dirty. I'm working on the oomph to unload it and load it up again. And I MUST get into the shower today. I can't stand me. I think I ran a fever last night, and it broke in my sleep. I woke up in a pool of sweat. Yuck.

Aren't you SOOOOO glad I took the time to update my blog today? Yeah. I thought so.

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