Friday, April 4, 2014

Good drugs!

Ok, so my neurologist put me on Ativan for vertigo. It works WONDERS. My world is mostly stable for the first time in FOREVER. I love it! Unfortunately, it also makes me sleepy. So I'll go and do and get things done, and then I need a nap. LOL

Let's hope I can stay awake while I need to this weekend. I'll have my 2yo niece, KK, while my brother, his wife, and their son all go to a gymnastics tournament of some sort. I do have to admit, watching her here is a lot easier than watching her at her home. Here, she's calmer...just curious about what I'm doing, usually. I can handle that. I'll have her for about 9 hours by myself tomorrow, though. Could be interesting! I got the stuff to make banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. We can have fun making them together. And thanks to the Ativan, there's a good chance we'll actually be able to do it. :)

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