Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Goings on and stuff

So the other day, we had to take my former-step-son to a doctor's appointment out of town. This included picking his mom up in yet another town....driving for a couple of hours, wandering around an antique shop or two while we waited for the appointment time and the appointment itself, then the drive home.  Oh, and we had to stop at Wallyworld once we got back into town. That's a LOT of upright-ness for me in one day. On NO sleep. Yay! Oh yeah, then we decided to rearrange the furniture in the living room that night, too.

Needless to say, yesterday, I was WIPED OUT. I slept several hours the night before, then got up for a couple of hours, and zonked out again for a six hour nap.  The only thing I accomplished, and didn't even finish THAT, was loading the dishwasher. And I made three hamburgers. Oooooh, ahhhhhh.

I'm hoping that's enough rest for me, though, for the rest of the week, as Jen is having surgery tomorrow. It's a simple procedure, but it requires us to be up at the butt crack of dawn, more upright-ness, and, of course, I doubt she'll be up to doing much tomorrow night or Friday. I had the same surgery about a year ago, and I only required one or two doses of pain killers afterwards - hopefully, it will be as easy for her. Crossing fingers.

This is just a mishmash of my last couple of days and my next couple of days. I didn't really feel like writing, but the counselor wants me to do it. Here I am. Doing my homework. LOL

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