Thursday, March 20, 2014


So Jen had surgery today. We were told to be there at 8:00 for a 10:00 surgery. Got there early...and after an hour or so, they realized we were there MUCH earlier than we needed to be. We actually needed to be there around 10:00 for an 11:20 surgery. Ooooops. Gotta love waiting to wait! And then more waiting after that, as the person in surgery before hers had complications, so they ran late. *le sigh*

The GOOD news is, she did very well in surgery. No complications. She came out of anesthesia well, and not in too much pain. By the time we made it home (5:30ish), she was mostly just "a bit uncomfortable".

So all things considered, it wasn't a bad day. Just a long one! Good night,'s time for a nap!

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