Sunday, March 2, 2014

Migraines and Brain Fog

For the past week or so, I've had daily migraines again. For quite a while, propranalol had kept my migraines in check most of the time. I was down to 1-3 a week, and they weren't as painful. Surprisingly, it has been since I INCREASED the propranalol that I've gone back to having them daily.

Thank the heavens for Imitrex. It's the only thing that will stop a migraine cold for me. Unfortunately, it makes the muscles in my neck and shoulders SUPER tense, and in turn causes numbness and/or weakness in my arms. I've had to take them every day, sometimes twice a day for the last week. I'm pretty sure you could hit my neck with a steel beam, and it would bend the beam and leave my neck unharmed. Ugh.

Along with POTS and with migraines comes brain fog. I sit on my butt on the couch most of the time, so it's not a huge deal. But tonight, I sat down to make a template/transfer for a fairly large tattoo that Jen wants to have done. It is a very detailed picture, and it took quite a while to do. It wasn't until I was completely finished that I realized I'd done it on the wrong side of the carbon paper... the image was backwards. Damn it! (And I SPECIFICALLY did it that way!!! I swore it would come out the right direction. Not my finest moment.) I told her that if she wanted it done, she'd better do the next template. *sigh*

Hopefully, this is approximately what the tattoo will look like, though it will be wrapped around her lower arm.

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