Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wonky wonky wonky

All day yesterday, my blood pressure was wonky. I'm talking 140/40, 120/32, 130/50. I felt OFF all day. The funny thing is, my pulse was fairly normal the whole day...usually in the 80s, though irregular. Then today, I'm simply running low. 80/60 or lower, and my pulse is 110 while sitting. *sigh* I wish my body would make up its damn mind!

It's frustrating, because there are things I want to accomplish. The dishwasher needs unloaded. Seems a simple enough task, until I realize I have to stand up to do it, and when my bp is wonky or low, there's a good likelihood I'll end up falling into the counter, or falling on my butt.

I'm just thankful that, thus far, I'm not someone with POTS who fully faints. I just get dizzier, I get tunnel vision, and eventually, lose my vision for a few seconds.

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